My Gear set-up

My main steel is a Oahu Tonemaster – there is a review of it
in the Review section of this blog. I also have a back-up steel – a late 60’s Guyatone – which is my travel steel…it’s been to Mexico
and on stage a few times. Not my favorite, but it works. One pickup, and it’s a bit nasaly…not a fat wide tone like the Oahu.
I need some effects to make it sound the way I like.

My amp, I am almost ashamed to admit is Digital.
The Line 6 spider 2…..70 watts of Juice and some very nice sounding digital presets…I kid you not. I use the Blues setting
( the second one, with the green light ) and thats it. Sounds great loud or soft. I realize I should be a tube snob – but this thing is
reliable, loud and the price was right – under $200.

Effects – TS10 tube screamer….just a hint.
I occasionally use a Morley Little Alligator volume pedal
and if I am playing thru the PA, I have a Danelectro reverb
pedal that just barely does the job – it took forever to find the right setting, but I have it figured out now….I use this more with the back up steel.

I also play lead guitar here and there,with a 87 Fender custom shop Strat built by master builer Michael Stevens – co-founder of the Fender Custom Shop. This used to belong to David Grissom of Storyville, Joe Ely, John Mellencamp, etc.

Acoustic I have a Regal squareneck with a lace sensor pickup, a Seagull s6+ cutaway and a f-hole metallic navy blue Dobro.

I also haul around a great custom built Steelseat from – I highly recommend these for gear storage
and comfort – plus they look great!


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