Rants about Lap Steel prices and availability

There are simply not enough choices in the current market, in my opinion, for Lap Steel purchases. Fender makes one, then the Gretsch retro looking model…Chandler was making one for a while…there are some junky low-end models ( Artisan, Galveston ) and the Morrell models are solid but bore me to tears.

Goldtone has remade my steel – the Oahu Tonemaster – although I haven’t played one, they sure look the same.

I have emailed Eastwood guitars, the retro remake company
about coming out with a new retro styled Steel – especially if they could keep it in the $200 range.

I would like to see Jay Turser come out with one and push the envelope a bit…they make very solid entry level instruments
and I believe they could make a killer lap steel.

What happened to the days of the National, the Supro’s, The Rickenbackers…not to mention Guyatones, Valco’s, Silvertones and the like….when these dubious quality instruments do show up on Ebay they are selling for premium prices. These prices reflect a shortage of available NEW lap steels – not a shortage
of elderly clunkers. I am a huge fan of vintage instruments- so don’t get me wrong – I just feel a few well made modern lap steels would be nice. There are some great luthiers out there making steels today, but they are pricey. Worth it, but pricey.


One response to “Rants about Lap Steel prices and availability

  1. I totally agree!! I’ve been digging around for a reasonable lap (or nice non-pedal console) steel for months…. and found nothing! Sure, I could pay $800-$1000-$”Wow that’s a lot!” for a well-made new… but I’m just not into spending that much. I love the instrument, but, come on!

    From the luthier’s I’ve been talking to, these things a quarter of the trouble of most they build. So, I’ve been debating buying the parts and building it myself!

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